I offer tailor made therapy solutions according to the needs of each child. I can work with NHS therapists to create a joined-up therapy plan. Therapy can be delivered at school or in the child's own home.

I am experienced in working face-to-face and delivering online teletherapy in the event of lockdown / self-isolation. 



If you have concerns about your child's communication, please call for an initial telephone consultation to talk about your worries. This service is free of charge.


£140 per session

Initial Assessment sessions are important so that I can build up a picture of the child's individual strengths and needs. These take a little longer than your average session and typically last around 1.5 hours. Session time includes taking case history from parents / carers, observing the child at play, carrying out formal or informal assessment, providing verbal feedback to parents / carers and discussing next steps.

A written report can also be produced - see the 'Report Writing' section for more information.


£70 per session

Sessions typically last for 1 hour and include direct therapy with the child and discussion time with parents, to offer advice and answer any questions. 

Alternative therapy models are also available - see the 'Therapy Programme' and 'Advice and Strategies' sections for more information.


Long report (for example, to support a child's application for an Education, Health and Care Plan) £140

Short Profile Report £70

Referral Letter £35

Written reports summarise the child's communicative strengths and needs and make recommendations for next steps. If referral to another professional is required (e.g. a Dyslexia specialist, Education Psychologist, Paediatrician, Occupational Therapist), I can provide a referral letter. 


£210 per programme of therapy

Not all children will need direct therapy. In these cases, I can write a programme of therapy to be carried out by you / a member of school staff. The fee includes time taken for writing the programme / preparing resources, an initial session with me to demonstrate activities and answer any questions you might have, and a final session later on to review progress.


£70 per session

I offer one-off advice and strategies sessions where I can talk through activities and advice to support your child, for you to implement at home.


£70 per session (plus travel expenses, if needed)

I am able to visit schools in order to attend meetings with other professionals, or to observe the child in an educational context.


Ongoing Therapy: I can come into schools for a half or a full day. Fees vary depending on the requirements of the school. Schools can decide their priorities for the therapist's time while they are at school. For example, they may want the therapist to split their time between providing direct therapy to children, teaching support staff how to deliver interventions, running parent drop ins, attending Annual Review meetings, and providing staff training.

Screening: I can come into schools to carry out whole-class language screening. This is particularly useful for Reception age children in Autumn Term, and is a great way to flag up children with speech, language and communication needs in a timely manner, so that they can receive early intervention.

Please note:

  • Fees include admin time (e.g. session planning, resource preparation, note taking and liaison).

  • Fees are based on travel within 10 miles of Hawkhurst, Kent. 

  • Appointments cancelled at less than 24 hours’ notice may be charged  (unless there are exceptional circumstances such as illness).

  • If you have any difficulty affording fees (for example, if you are on Income Support or your child is entitled to free school meals), please contact me to discuss alternative payment options.